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This is why I love my grandma..

Me: we’re already starting to order the Junior rings..
Grandma: aww, my little baby is growing up! Only the biggest and best for you darling. *kisses my forehead*
Me:’s the order form…
Grandma: $700?!!! Oh no. You can get the $300 one, maybe $500 if we start selling tamales by the freeway.

(x bwahahahahha. She makes my life!

Things I hate:

•bad grades
•bailing on people
•not being able to go out
•liking the same guy forever
•being shy
•messing up chances
•not being able to get over someone
•this weekend
•not knowing how someone feels
•being awkward cause you think a friend likes you
•not one of your friends liking the guy you can’t get over
•fake friends
•over protective dad!
•not being able to do anything right.

Kay, my rant I over. Have a nice day. -_-

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